Dear Pastor and/or Worship Leader:

I would like to introduce myself to you as a resource for praise, worship and ministry using songs and testimony.

My name is Jeff T. Harrison and I have a strong desire to share the Great LOVE of GOD to the lost and hurting. Knowing that the POWER of CHRIST’S RESURRECTION is the POWER to CHANGE and REDEEM lives.

Over the past 20 years the LORD has allowed me write over 65 songs. I have put a number of SCRIPTURES to music. Luke 4: The Lord’s job description, Psalms 23, 100, 103, 107, 119, the Lord’s Prayer, Isaiah 6, 1 Corinthians 13, 2 Peter 1:2-9 and Romans 10 are a few examples. Telling in song what God has done for me in my life’s journey has produced a number of life experience songs as well.

MATTERS of the HEART MINISTRY is a tool that can be used to remind us that all persons SAVED or LOST have matters in there hearts that need to be addressed. The format of the ministry service is geared for Sunday evening and/or Wednesday nights in a concert setting. I am also available for special events (5th Sunday singing, Sunday school class get-together, special dinners, fund raisers and many others.

The ministry service is offered at no cost or honorarium. If you or your pastor chooses to take up a love offering it will be received with gratitude and used to further Matters of the Heart Ministry.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and if I can be of service to you and you church, I look forward to serving you.

I can be reached at:
HOME:  (662) 781-9000
MOBILE: (901) 827-9225


Jeff T. Harrison